Current Specials

Heartgard Heartworm Prevention

Heartgard Plus is a great monthly heartworm prevention that we have available for both dogs and cats. It comes in a tasty chewable tablet that pets love! We are currently offering a BUY 5 GET 1 FREE on the Heartgard Chewables.

In addition, you receive a $12 mail-in rebate with the purchase of 12 months of Heartgard.

Your dog must be current on its heartworm test to get a refill of this prescription (cats do not require testing).

Vectra 3D ~ Flea/Tick Topical for Dogs

Vectra 3D is a topical medication that is applied once monthly along your dog’s back. Vectra 3D is always available in BUY 4, GET 2 FREE packages. We are able to give you your free packages right in the office!

There are some other offers available with Vectra 3D when bought in conjunction with a heartworm preventative. Just ask us for details!

***VECTRA 3D SHOULD NEVER BE APPLIED TO CATS!! We have other options available for our feline friends.

Nexgard ~ Flea/Tick Chewable for Dogs

Nexgard is a monthly chewable that your dog can take at the same time as his or her heartworm prevention. It is made by the same company as Heartgard, so we do have some wonderful rebates when bought in conjunction with Heartgard Plus.

It is also available in BUY 5, GET 1 FREE pack.

February is Pet Dental Health Month

We want all of our patients to have clean, healthy mouths. To accomplish this goal and to honor Pet Dental Health Month, we offer an annual dental incentive every February.

Our February dental specials change from year to year, so keep an eye out here on our website, or our Facebook page to find out what this year’s February dental special will be!